Kiko-Cross Meat Goats

goats on the day they arrivedIn August 2014 we started our small herd of goats with our purebred Kiko buck Pratt and five Kiko-cross does.  Like the other animals on our farm, the goats live outdoors on pasture full time and year-round.  They graze on grasses and wildflowers and browse the honeysuckle, privet, brambles and small trees.  We supplement their diet with a mineral mix specially formulated for goats and some hay, as needed.  Portable electric fencing allows us to move them around the pasture and brushy woodland.  

The Kiko goat is a new breed developed in the 1970's from the feral goats of New Zealand.  We selected this breed of goat because they have a reputation for being easy to care for, vigorous, and producing high quality meat.  Kiko goats are known for being good mothers and capable foragers.  They have healthy hooves and natural parasite resistance.  Our six have lovely personalities as well.  Pratt the buck especially enjoys a scratch in the hard-to-reach place behind his horns.     

We hope to have goats and goat meat available beginning in summer of 2015.

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