August 2015

Thank You Tractor Backers

. . . Aug 08, 2015 | posted by randy
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We would like to extend a big Tubby Creek Farm THANK YOU to everyone that supported our Barnraiser campaign. We feel grateful to have people in our lives that support us and our dream.  The tractor will be a huge asset to our farm.  Our dream is to not only grow great food for our community but to make a living, too. By having a larger tractor we will be more able to expand our farm and business, make the farm more financially secure, and be able to pay ourselves a real wage.

You helped us raise over $31,000 during our campaign. We have already ordered the tractor. It is a 50 horsepower LS Tractor.  The LS Tractor Company builds the New Holland tractors we referenced in our campaign.  Buying the tractor from LS Tractor saves us several thousand dollars.  We should have it here on the farm around September 20th, then we will ship it north for some accessibility modifications. 

We would never have been able to do this without your support.  We thank you all so very much!

Josephine & Randy

Our Tractor Backers, Thank You!

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