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Tubby Creek Farm is the working farm and homestead of Josephine and Randy Alexander, located in Ashland, Mississippi.  We are committed to providing superior quality fresh fruits and vegetables to our local community through Community Supported Agriculture, farmers markets, chef sales, and our farm stand.  We grow your food with love, sunshine, water and a lot of compost but no synthetic chemicals because we are devoted to the safety of our food and the health of the land.

Information and the application for our 2015 CSA will be posted in January. . 


Planting the Seeds of a Moral Dilemma

. . . Dec 09, 2014 | posted by Josephine
Randy washing Fairy Tale Eggplant

Today I am scouring the seed catalogs, looking for a replacement for our Fairy Tale Eggplant.  Fairy Tale has been a fantastic variety for us.  The cute little compact plants produce loads of small, beautifully striped fruit.  The eating quality is fantastic.  They have thin skins with pure white flesh that is creamy and bitter-free.  We love them.

Freedom Rangers, Goats and more

. . . Sep 19, 2014 | posted by Josephine
Putting chickies in the brooder

Life on the farm has been as busy as ever!  Two weeks ago 100 Freedom Ranger chicks arrived and we have just moved them out onto pasture in the safety of the chicken tractor where they are already happily eating clover, weed seeds and any bugs they can catch.  The chicks come from the hatchery by USPS 2-day priority shipping in special cardboard boxes.  The man at the post office is always exceptionally relieved when I pick them up.  Apparently 100 peeping chicks is not music to everyone’s ears.

Winter Kill Cover Crop = Epic Fail

. . . May 14, 2014 | posted by Josephine
Weed patch

I am often solicited for gardening advice by customers at the farmers market.  We are more than happy to help when we can.  Home gardeners are great farmers market customers because they are hooked on the taste of home grown veggies that you just can’t get at the grocery store.  My #1 piece of gardening advice is “don’t get discouraged”.   Stuff goes wrong, plants fail to produce or die.  Compost happens, as they say.  Some people are green thumbs, everything they touch turns to garden gold.   I am not one of those people.  I am not always b

Nibbled Veggies and Pest Prevention

. . . Apr 15, 2014 | posted by Josephine

Last week you may have noticed that someone else was nibbling around the edges of your bok choy leaves.  While we would love it if every leaf we harvested was 100% perfect, we accept a certain amount of cosmetic pest damage as normal.  Just because we have a pest doesn’t mean we have a pest problem.  Low numbers of insect pests are actually good for the garden because we need to keep our toads, ladybugs and other pest eaters happy.  No pests means no food for our beneficial insects and animals.  

Pig Huts

. . . Apr 07, 2014 | posted by randy
Pig hut

So we had some questions about our pig huts. I decided to go ahead and write a blog post that way I can just point folks to it. If you have any questions feel free to email me here. Click on the picture to open a larger pic in a new frame.